Saturday, June 5, 2010


Knowing how these days people put everything and more on the Qabalistic Tree, I thought I might as well write down a thought I had myself the other day. I'm probably not the first person to have come up with this, but who knows, it might be of use to someone. Mind you, if somebody reading this blog actually is familiar with the systems I'm talking about, I would very much love to hear from you. If you happen to be Estonian... well then again what are the odds of that?

Anyway, here goes... the four psychological functions of Jung correspond to the Sephiroth as follows:

Sensation - Malkuth
Thinking - Hod
Feeling - Netzach
Intuition - Tiphareth

Which, of course, leaves Yesod in between. I could actually attibute both sensation and intuition to it, depending on whether it's compared to Malkuth or Tiphareth. At the same time, I would not replace Tiphareth with Kether as the Sephirah that corresponds to the intuitive function. It's only the bottom half of the Tree where the functions really fit quite naturally - to my eyes any way.

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