Sunday, May 4, 2008

Oh dear

Time to actually practise what I preach. Sheesh, that's never as easy as the preaching part! Especially when you're not sure which part of all that preaching you should be putting into practice. It's hard enough with figuring out what it's good (for me personally) to eat (which is a relatively mundane sphere of things with a lot of more-or-less credible general info easily available). But there are problems infinitely more complex. Even as far as figuring out whether they are problems in the first place is concerned. When something seems both obviously wrong and obviously right, how exactly do you weigh the sides, especially if your own views and feelings and values are somewhat conflicting regarding these very questions? If the problem is not as much the current situation as much as the potential butterfly effect? And you will probably have to make some sort of decision without having all the facts... or almost any facts... and not making one will probably be considered as some sort of a decision, too. And you don't even know how much weight any decision of yours might have at all.

So yeah. On the one hand, my life feels relatively less boring once again. On the other hand... it just has to become less boring right when I've decided to reach some reasonable degree of detachment from it. Though maybe that's exactly the point... or maybe the reverse of it is the point... or maybe I should just stop trying to achieve everything right now and completely and perfectly and for the long term. Long term changes tend to happen gradually.

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Melarish said...

What a confused mind '^^

And gotta agree with "interesting" usually meaning trouble :/