Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The ebb and the flow

I've had two amazing weeks. I've managed to do so much and at the same time have fun, be with friends, even get a couple positive new experiences of life. Now there will be studying and the like ahead in considerable quantities. I thought maybe this semester I could actually get to go deeper into the subjects I'm studying, learn more than is necessary to pass the courses (well). But apparently, human limitations need to be taken into consideration. Right now, I'm once again just focusing on getting enough done, never mind the extras. Though I know some subjects I'll be pursuing further in my spare time in the future... :)

Right now, I've got a bit of a cold again, which I hope will get better soon. So I need to balance between conserving energy and getting enough done. The thrill of being active again has been replaced by a need to take it easy once again, but hopefully it'll return soon all the stronger. After all, it's spring and sunlight makes us all feel more alive again.

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