Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday morning in Salamanca

It's kind of strange to be in this new place where I know almost nobody, but could get to know almost anybody. So far I've spent a minimal amount of time making acquaintances and know about half a dozen people in the town. I suspect it's going to change some time very soon. But it's an interesting situation to be in, a new one for me really. When I was in Pärnu, I interacted with few people, but then again I never really believed there were that many more there I'd have something important in common with anyway. In Tartu, even when I first arrived there, I was immediately surrounded by people I'd met during olympiads or some other events or on the net, and also many of the people I'd interacted with in Pärnu also moved to Tartu with me. But here, I'm confident there are many people I'd be interested in getting to know - but so far I've not yet had a chance to meet them. It gives me a kind of feeling of being right in the middle of the process of creation, of creating this whole new life for myself here. I don't know yet what it will be like, but I imagine that whatever the end result will be, it will tell me a whole lot more about what kind of a person I am. So, exciting times ahead. :)

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Gerly Kättmann said...

Jaa, selle peale ei saa ma kirjutamata jatta Tonis Magi lauldut:

Suur maalritoo sind ootab ees.
Sa loo, sa loo, sa loo