Monday, June 23, 2008

Bittersweet life

Or rather, very sweet indeed... with only perhaps a faint aftertaste of times long gone by. One really cannot step into the same river twice. Or continue where one left off once upon a time.

Not that I'd want that. Change is something I've always looked forward to, always hoped for it to be a change for the better. It's just that in-between stage when you're confused and not sure which way to go, what to focus on, I guess these things are always easier in theory than they are in practice.

Lilian left for Luxembourg last night. Kunn is going to spend most of the summer in Tartu. Elise and Maarja and Oliver and everyone just graduated and will be joining us in Tartu soon. With most of them, it's been too long since too little. Half a year ago, I was troubled by being stuck in a rut, being surrounded by too many people and not knowing what's really going on inside of me. Right now... well, I'm still not sure what's going on inside me. (Except that it feels warm and tingly a lot of the time. :) ) I know I've needed time and space to be alone and rest since at least that time half a year ago. Now I have it here, at least the potential for it... right in the middle of my next extroverted phase. *sighs*

Oh well. Time for sleep.

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