Friday, October 1, 2010

First swirlings

The story is picking up again. I can feel it - the little synchronicities, connections unraveling around me. Mystery and beauty. There is something ahead, I don't know what it is yet. There is something happening and I don't know where it will go, if I will fly to the stars or fall back down, but I feel I'm lifting and for now it's joy. Anticipation. A step into the fascinating unknown. I don't even know yet if it's air or water - or both in some strange way. Will I drown or burn or reach the radiant core... I'm not supposed to know. I'm a character inside the story and it wouldn't be much of a tale if I knew where it goes. I can just walk step after step, going with my feelings, trusting the Universe and my own heart. I don't know if there is pain or happiness ahead, but either one can be beautiful. It is up to me to make it so. To stay open to the sense of wonder... to be truly alive.

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