Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Terribly belated happy new year!

Yeah, I'm so totally netless I'm writing this in the library and I don't even remember the last time the net connection was working, even for the 5 minutes a day that it happened in December. Which is kind of sad cause I can't keep in touch with people, but kind of positive in that I'm actually forced to go out and do things around here in real life. Well, at the moment mainly studying for the exams, but I do actually seem to be developing something like a social life for a change, which is quite nice. And spending my time in a 15-th century building for free Internet access is not too bad, either. :) But unfortunately it does mean that I'm around even less than I used to be. But well, just so you know, I'm still alive.

Oh yes. It really sucks to find out one of the most important people in your life so far has got married through him mentioning it casually in his blog an unknown amount of time after it happened.

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