Monday, June 1, 2009


I've been a bit obsessed with usefulness. The idea that there's some great goal towards which I should be working. And working is exactly the word - working, not playing. After all, you can't go through life just having fun, right? You definitely can't do anything productive that way. Productivity implies a bit of routine, a bit of dullness perhaps. You're supposed to learn to enjoy those things.

I wonder if that's true though. Maybe the truly memorable lessons you receive while you're having fun, through having fun. Through the things you do because you enjoy them, through experiences you have because they're something exciting and new. Through doing things the way that works for you, rather than letting some old idea of how things "should" be rule over you.

Now that I have more energy to do things again, I realised I'm feeling quite bored a lot of the time. The activities that were great in winter aren't quite enough right now.

But no worries, I have a mind and I know how to use it. ;-)

Though as I seem to be having difficulties writing coherent text, it's probably time to go and get some sleep...

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Anonymous said...

Selline provotseeriv küsimus Sulle: kas mäng (play) ja töö (serious stuff) on vastandid või mitte? Nagu must-(hall)-valge. :)