Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Less stress

is kind of a must achieve. I've now already started to worry about what I'll do after getting my bachelor's degree. Getting to know the options etc is probably a pretty good idea. I'm quite sure getting all anxious over what exactly I should do two years from now, how I'll manage if I decide to go abroad etc, isn't. Especially when I'm trying to get better from a cold that was in all likelihood at least partially caused by getting upset over trivial things too many times in the past week. Of course I remember how I worried about university... it's strange to think about it now. I was so afraid of how everything might go, but here I am, quite enjoying it really (despite all that mostly self-induced stress). Of course, I went with the safe option here. I think it was the right choice, too. I definitely wouldn't have been ready for going abroad right after graduating school. Maybe it'll still be the right choice when the time comes for postgraduate studies. But I'm afraid it'll only be the easy choice. Something that the right one won't be. I guess I better learn some good ways of dealing with stress... (and definitely stop making it worse with thinking that leads nowhere)

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Tühisilm said...

Lahenduse leiad siis anna mulle ka teada. Kui ma kasutan enda motiveerimiseks ära kohusetunnet, siis tihti tekitab see ebavajalikku stressi. Tulemusi võib tulla, aga samas see väsitab ka kõvasti.