Friday, October 9, 2009

Back in the Internet-world

First of all: I now know two interesting people in the area. One is the girl who makes me think of Dani. The other is a guy who makes me think of Taliesin.


I know someone who is on the road to success according to what most people would say. Who is talented, who has a certain social position that establishes him firmly in the upper-middle class. And who is deeply unhappy.

I also know someone who is free. Who travels around, who has probably seen and heard so much more than the average person. Who is probably in many ways the opposite of the first person. Only he, too, is unhappy.

Of course, you could say, these are extremes, and extremes aren't really all that good. But oh I could give you a very much longer list of unhappy people who fall in the middle of the spectrum.

They say the only true kind of happiness comes from within. It does look like it's not really coming from anywhere else.


Taliesin said...

Kuigi sealmail paistab kohalik Taliesin ka olemas olevat, siis kuna Eesti-Prantsuse Taliesin pole veel kohalikku Andeorat leidnud (õigupoolest pole ma vist õieti kellegi kohalikku varianti leidnud), siis oleks ehk kena skaibitsi vahel suhelda, kui me samal ajal netti satume?

Andeora said...

See oleks väga kena :) Ma vähemalt eeldan, et nett on nüüd jälle püsivalt olemas ka. Kuidas Sul seal?

Taliesin said...

Neti sain nüüd tuppa kätte, eks näis, kunas me samal ajal arvuti taha satume.
Olekust meeldiks mulle pigem skaibitsi kui avalikus netiruumis rääkida.